Our lenses each come with their own benefits in every situation.

See which one fits your lifestyle best.

Reds and Oranges

Warm Tan

Embrace the warmth and feel the colours pop in front of your eyes

Perfect for sunny days and sunsets

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Blue Hues

Cool Blue

Feel the crisp details of everything around you, while stopping reflected UV light from the snow

Perfect for skiing and snowboarding

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New Lenses

Our new lenses bring about practicality to your everyday sunglasses.

Whether you're working with screens or driving, they've got you covered.

Reduce Glare


Enhance your vision and remove all the scattered light from view

Perfect for driving and fishing

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Screen Time

Blue Light

Block the blue light from screens, so you can sleep easier, boost melatonin and protect your circadian rhythm

Perfect for computer and phone screens

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